Met Éireann weather forecast for Bank Holiday Monday

UK weather Rain map

UK weather Rain map

But looking ahead to the next three months, thermometers are forecast to remain higher than average, partially because of the effects of the prolonged heatwave.

The Met Office has a weather warning in place for the storms until 3am tomorrow with forecasters predicting temperatures down by up to 10C.

Ms Diamond said: "This means there is an increased likelihood of warmer-than-average temperatures and below-average rainfall".

It follows a sweltering weekend across the United Kingdom where the hottest temperature of 30.2C (86.36F) was recorded in Northolt, Greater London, on Sunday.

From Wednesday for the remainder of the week, temperatures are unlikely to rise past 25C, with a much fresher feel, the Met Office says.

Bonnie Diamond, forecaster for the Met Office, said high pressure systems are likely to keep cool and wet weather at bay between August and October.

"It must be noted, however, that this does not necessarily mean temperatures will be hot or that a 'heatwave will continue", as above-average temperatures can mean one or two degrees above average, for which August, September and October are 19, 16 and 13 Celsius respectively.

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"Further, warmer-than-average temperatures does not necessarily mean sunshine - it can be warm and cloudy too".

"Weather patterns are expected to become increasingly slow moving with longer spells of largely dry and fine weather in between any brief spells of rain".

The forecast says this year is twice as likely than usual to have the hottest August to October period recorded in the United Kingdom since before 1981.

The Met Office also predicts that throughout the rest of August, the northern part of the United Kingdom may experience drier conditions while the southern half will likely see thunderstorms.

The outlook comes amid Europe's heatwave, with several countries, including Portugal, seeing record-breaking temperatures in recent days.

Temperatures could potentially peak at 34C (91.4F) in Essex or Norfolk on Tuesday, after a balmy weekend where the hottest temperature on Sunday was 30.2C (86.36F) recorded in Northolt, Greater London, the Met Office said.

After that, the rain will get a bit more serious: "Both Wednesday and Thursday will be showery days and some showers could turn heavy or possibly thundery".

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