Metallica Introduce 'Blackened,' a Blended American Whiskey

Metallica Introduce 'Blackened,' a Blended American Whiskey

Metallica Introduce 'Blackened,' a Blended American Whiskey

At this point, practically your entire home and wardrobe can be Metallica gear.

And now, they're making whiskey.

Blackened American Whiskey will be available this fall in liquor stores and restaurants, but fans and liquor connoisseurs will be able to sample the beverage at events located near Metallica's shows on their upcoming USA tour. There were rumblings back in March, but now it's official.

Metallica's master distiller is a dude named Dave Pickerell, who is also a chemical engineer by training.

This collaboration is the flawless match. When the lowest note would reverberate through the halls, "the whole building would tremble, it would really shake your guts", Dave says. And Justice For All and now on the bottle; it literally helps to shape the flavor!

Available in select USA cities, the whiskey is a blend of Bourbon, rye and other American whiskey that has been aged in black brandy barrels exposed to "low hertz sound waves".

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Interestingly, the distilling process required music being played.

For the project, Metallica and Pickerell partnered with audio manufacturer Meyer Sound, which has engineered a proprietary "subwoofer" that amplifies low-frequency sound waves.

Such frequency range is evident in Metallica's music, the band claims, and as such the patent-pending process known as "black noise" was born.

The sound wave on the front of the bottle is the actual digital wave from the song "Blackened" and each bottle of the inaugural batch is labeled 081, to honor 1981, the year Metallica formed.

The initial batch is limited to just 5,000 bottles-and they come with a playlist on Spotify and Apple Music so you have something to listen to whilst sipping.

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