Murderers of renowned 25-year-old Nigerian-British model to be sentenced

VIDEO catches Louis Vuitton model chasing rival with knife before murder

VIDEO catches Louis Vuitton model chasing rival with knife before murder

A British fashion model has been convicted of murdering a more successful rival after a social media-fueled dispute. Prosecutors said that Koh had bragged to fellow model Annecetta Lafon that he had sex with Uzoka's girlfriend, fellow model Ruby Campbell, and the two made a decision to confront one another in person.

Two other men were convicted alongside Koh.

Before the murder, Uzoka stated in a message addressed to Koh, "Leave my name out of your mouth, it's that simple, I've never spoken bad of you in any way, so this is wild".

"Koh claimed he knew Uzoka well and then said that he had sex with Uzoka's girlfriend and that was the reason why they no longer talked", prosecutor Richard Horwell QC mentioned in court on Monday.

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People reports that Harry Uzoka - a 25-year-old Brit who modeled for the likes of GQ and Zara - was stabbed to death by George Koh - a 24-year-old who worked with Louis Vuitton - and his friends. Though Uzoka brought a dumbbell as a weapon, Koh and his friends brought knives.

Two weeks before the murder, Paris-based model Annecetta Lafon visited Koh and learned that he was "obsessed" with Uzoka as he boasted about sleeping with his girlfriend. Koh's friend Dikanda, who was also found guilty of murder, had a machete on him during the incident.

The Mirror reported that the trio cornered Uzoka and stabbed him in the heart before he could get back home. All will be sentenced September 21. All three remain in custody until they are sentenced.

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