Muslim Council of Britain asks for Johnson investigation over burqa comments

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Bannon has previously called on Johnson to challenge May's leadership.

Ms Ajmal said: 'I do not wear a niqab/burka but I find it highly offensive and appalling that a British politician ridicules and insults Muslim women who do.

The Muslim Council of Britain is an umbrella organization that represents over 500 mosques and institutions in the United Kingdom and has in previous months called on the government of Theresa May to address the issue of Islamophobia in the Conservative party.

Johnson made the comments in a newspaper column that argued against banning full-face veils, as Denmark has done.

He told Sky News that much of the criticism was "synthetic indignation" that had been "whipped up" by his opponents. On this issue he was right - but not entirely right - because he should have gone a little further than he did.' Slamming 'synthetic indignation", he added: "'I think the Tory party hierarchy has collectively lost its senses'. In her Mail On Sunday column, Rachel Johnson said: 'He didn't go far enough to express how oppressive the garment is'.

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Since the comments, the Tory party has been split with some calling for Mr Johnson to apologise.

He issued the warning in the event the former foreign secretary is suspended in such a way that he can not not take part in a future leadership contest.

The MCB pointed out that "the reaction to Mr. Johnson's incendiary remarks highlighted the underbelly of Islamophobia that exists within certain sections of the Conservative Party", and that "rather than see the bigotry for what it is, we are shocked that a large number of Conservative MPs would seek to back Mr. Johnson". He wrote. 'If Theresa May dares engineer a leadership contest while Boris is suspended it will be World War Three'.

But a Conservative member of the upper house of parliament and former government polling adviser, Andrew Cooper, accused Johnson of "moral emptiness" and populism over the remarks. "He will advocate literally anything to play to the crowd of the moment", Cooper said on Twitter. "His career is a saga of moral emptiness and lies; pathetic, weak and needy; the opposite of strong", Lord Cooper said.

The Muslim Council of Britain is urging UK Prime Minister Theresa May to treat an inquiry into MP Boris Johnson remarks on Muslim women's dress seriously, and not to "whitewash" the investigation.

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