New social media 'game' asks teens to hurt, kill themselves

This terrifying figure has been linked to a young girl's suicide

This terrifying figure has been linked to a young girl's suicide

According to CBS affiliate WJHL, the game is called "Momo", and it has police and other authorities concerned.

"Momo" is a character illustrated as the face of an evil-looking woman with bulging eyes, stringy black hair, and a sinister smile. The game originated on Facebook and is now circulating on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free Messenger program service owned by Facebook.

Authorities say it is similar to another social media based suicide game called "Blue Whale", which is linked to hundreds of teen deaths in Russian Federation.

Various police agencies are warning about the potential dangers of the WhatsApp game.

Fox News and the Sun report that authorities in Spain issued a warning on Twitter, cautioning the public not to download Momo.

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The game is also being investigated by authorities in Mexico who have seen an increase of cyber bullying amongst young children.

A police statement said: "The phone has been hacked to find footage and WhatsApp chats, and now the alleged adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages is being sought".

Momo features an avatar that is inspired by a Japanese artist with no connection to the sinister game, and it has been compared to the notorious "Blue Whale" suicide game, believed to be responsible for more than 100 suicides in Russian Federation.

Momo has been likened to Blue Whale, a horrifying social media phenomenon, where youngsters were encouraged to undertake horrific daily tasks including self-harming, watching horror films and waking up at unusual hours.

"'Momo' threatens to appear in the night or lay a curse on the users if they do not respond", Mexican police stated.

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