NY preps pre-emptive strike against 3-D printed guns

Trump speaks about the economy while delivering remarks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington

Trump speaks about the economy while delivering remarks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington

The company behind the plans, Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed, had reached a settlement with the federal government in late June allowing it to make the plans for the guns available for download on Wednesday. OR is joining a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State to prevent a Texas company from posting designs for guns that can be made on 3-D printers.

"The age of the downloadable gun formally begins", the website states. In addition, their lawsuit asks for a nationwide temporary restraining order that'll prevent Wilson's nonprofit from uploading the gun design files online. "If you want your Second Amendment online, THIS is the fight", he said in his tweet. The settlement, which took gun-control advocates by surprise, allowed the company to resume posting blueprints for the hard-plastic guns at the end of July.

Along with Washington state, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Oregon, Maryland and the District of Columbia are working on finalizing the lawsuit and plan on filing it later on Monday, Ferguson said.

In the poll, a joint project of The Hill and HarrisX polling company, 79 percent of voters said that providing the blueprints should be illegal, while only 21 percent said the practice should be legal.

The settlement agreement allegedly allows Defense Distributed to freely publish its gun designs beginning August 1, but according to a release from the Washington State Attorney General's Office, the agreement, which wasn't made public until July 10, was done "in an arbitrary and capricious" fashion by the Trump administration and violates the Administrative Procedure Act.

"We took the advice of the Department of Justice, and here we are right now", Nauert said Tuesday.

Homemade guns such as the Liberator are often known as "ghost guns" because they are unregistered, untraceable and do not have serial numbers.

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The NRA released a statement on the decision claiming that "anti-gun" politicians and the media were misleading in their statements regarding the dangers that 3D printing technology would lead to the proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms.

Other states also are trying to bar access to 3D printed guns.

But: In the midst of the pushback, Wilson chose to post the models online early in advance of the August 1 deadline he had publicized for their release.

The first working 3-D printed gun, a single-round pistol called the "Liberator", was designed in 2013 and made nearly entirely of 3-D printed thermoplastic components, with the exception of a metal firing pin. "But it's your administration that has allowed this to happen because after years of winning this issue in courts at every stage of litigation, the administration has surrendered to the crazed demands of a self-described anarchist who is going to put this up on the Internet". "I think this is much to do about nothing on that gun".

"In addition to helping arm terrorists and transnational criminals, the settlement and proposed rules would provide another path to gun ownership for people who are prohibited by federal and state law from possessing firearms". Some gun rights groups say the technology is expensive, the guns are unreliable and the threat is being overblown.

But tonight, 3P printers find themselves among America's gun debate.

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