NZ to ban plastic shopping bags

The ban will affect'single-use plastic shopping bags

The ban will affect'single-use plastic shopping bags

"We're phasing out single-use plastic bags so we can better look after our environment and safeguard New Zealand's clean, green reputation", she said, according to The Guardian newspaper.

"It also demonstrates the Government's commitment to upholding New Zealand's clean, green image", Ms Marcroft says.

The move for The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming and Torpedo7 stores coincides with the government's proposed legislation to ban single use plastic checkout bags, a proposal that The Warehouse is endorsing.

"We are also pleased by the consideration for businesses through the allowance of 6 months' lead-in time and the taking of a consultative approach".

Ms Sage was confident New Zealand would embrace the change, with the Government working alongside retailers to help with the transition. Many of them end up in the ocean, "where they are mistaken for food by creatures like turtles, and swallowed", the environmental group Greenpeace said on its website, adding that one in three turtles found on New Zealand beaches swallowed plastic waste.

Last year, the Wellington City Council was a driving force behind a nationwide campaign that saw 90 percent of the country's mayors come on board a campaign asking the then National-led government to impose a point-of-sale levy on single-use plastic bags.

"Getting rid of the bags is an even better result than we could have hoped for a year later and I'm delighted the new government has listened to what New Zealanders want", the Mayor says.

"We need to be far smarter in the way we manage waste and this is a good start", she said. "The crisis we're facing requires comprehensive regulation and corporate action to immediately move away from single-use plastics".

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Ardern said that the policy will be implemented gradually so that New Zealanders can get used to the changes.

The Packaging Forum said the phase-out of plastic bags, biodegradable and compostable bags would level the playing field for the retail sector.

Biodegradable and compostable plastics can be as harmful to nature as their non-biodegradable counterparts if they do not enter an environment that they are created to break down in.

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It also recommends customers take advantage of the offer by some supermarkets to use low-priced reusable bags or free used cardboard boxes.

Retailers are also being told to consider alternatives to single-use plastic bags, including reusable bags in heavier-duty plastic, composite bags of hessian with other materials, and long-lasting bags made of lightweight nylon, cotton, recycled fabric or jute.

This article was originally published by RNZ.

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