Please don't wash and reuse your condoms

Don't wash or reuse condoms, US agency advises Americans

Don't wash or reuse condoms, US agency advises Americans

The agency tweeted the reminder last week urging people to "use a fresh one for each sex act".

Hello, here's some news you can use: If you are having sex with a condom, do not remove it, wash it, hang it up to dry like a little pillowcase, and then reuse it. Condoms are ONE HIT WONDERS, like toilet paper or cupcake wrappers.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has warned the general population against reusing condoms after washing.

The CDC also issued some more condom-related advice in a second tweet.

Condoms are used widely as it can help in preventing unwanted pregnancies and protecting against sexually transmitted infections (STI) when condoms are used in a good manner.

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Condoms are meant to protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs and breakage or leakage of condoms can not protect an individual from any of these she said.

In a trend worthy of "condomnation", people are apparently trying to stretch their dollars by reusing old condoms.

Health experts say reusing condoms could introduce something foreign into the condom, and you don't know if the integrity is still there. These strains can cause severe illnesses that are hard to treat and may become potentially lethal. However, they are designed for single use only.

The question arises why we cannot use a condom again?

The study from University of Kentucky was a general estimation of the situation among the general population. If people do find that cost is a barrier for them to accessing condoms please reach out to our community sites or primary care clinics.

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