‘PUBG Mobile’ Teams up With ‘Mission: Impossible - Fallout’ for Exclusive Rewards

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

"Mission: Impossible" has proved that there are lot to explore yet even in its sixth installment. All signs point to yes! He's always tried to do as many of his own stunts as he could-training to be a race auto driver for "Days of Thunder" or how to expertly handle a motorcycle in "Mission Impossible 2". They're also more character and plot driven than their comic book franchise counterparts, focusing on a select few story lines and characters instead of attempting to cram almost 30 lead roles into 150 minutes.

The update includes new background music to listen to while fighting for survival, customizable Mission: Impossible - Fallout parachutes, and unlockable outfits inspired by the movie. The team join forces with Central Intelligence Agency and murdered August Walker (Henry Cavill) to prevent a disaster. Not that fans were ever too anxious, Ethan Hunt always accomplishes his missions.

Ageless, riveting and seemingly unstoppable, Tom Cruise remains a force of nature in this Mission: Impossible franchise. However, as Fallout director Chistopher McQuarrie tells it, Renner's Avengers obligations were the reason why the actor couldn't make it into Mission: Impossible 6.

Jeremy Renner turned the role down mainly because his character would have been killed off.

"I had this idea that the film would begin with the death of a member of the team. Tom eventually said to me, 'Look, Henry, I understand what you're saying, I would love, love, love for you to do it, but if you do, the chances are that you will kill me and everyone else in the process!'" 'You killed the black guy.' And we didn't think the movie could recover if you killed Benji.

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Says Prasoon Joshi, "We asked then to correct this and mention Kashmir as "the Indian State Of Jammu & Kashmir".

We are all also glad Renner didn't take the spot. The portable version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has added all-new items and challenges inspired by the new Tom Cruise movie.

I didn't miss the Brandt character at all in Fallout, but I don't blame Renner for wanting to stay alive in case they decide to bring him back in a future film.

A few lucky (and intrepid) fans were treated to a screening of Mission: Impossible - Fallout at Pulpit Rock (also known as Preikestolen), a sky-high location above the Lysefjord that's found in Forsand in western Norway.

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