QUEENS CUSTODY BLOODBATH: Man kills wife, ex-wife, son, self in Astoria

Police: 4 People, Including Young Child, Found Shot To Death In Astoria

Police: 4 People, Including Young Child, Found Shot To Death In Astoria

James Shields Jr. posted on GoFundMe in April under the subject "Child Kidnapping" that his Dutch artist ex-wife only wanted the boy in the US two weeks a year.

He was known in the neighborhood for throwing raucous parties and for getting into yelling matches with another woman, generating at least one call to police in December, Shea said.

Shields's ex-wife and their son were set to return to the Netherlands next week. The elder Shields said his grandson was "a lovely boy" and defended his son as a "good man". Shields indicated in the post that his ex-wife was raising Jimmy in the Netherlands and only wanted him in the USA two weeks a year, an arrangement Shields wrote, "I just can't accept as a father". Shields said that was something "I just can't accept as a father".

New York Police Department Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said at a Tuesday news conference that Shields's April GoFundMe post was among the pieces of evidence suggesting the triple-murder-suicide had stemmed directly from the custody battle.

Police ran traces on the handguns-a Glock 17 and a Glock 19-and both appeared to be legally purchased, Shea said. A throng of officers, some in heavy tactical gear, responded to the low-rise brick building.

Police held off on releasing the name of Shields's current wife, also from the Netherlands, pending notification of her family.

A neighbor in Astoria said Shields's behavior was erratic. Police were called last December when someone heard people arguing and possibly throwing things around in his apartment.

Olthof and Shields had been embroiled in a hard legal battle about contact.

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Pictured victim, James Shields Jr.NEW THIS MORNING: #NYPD investigators in protective suits at apartment crime scene where four people were shot dead in Astoria, Queens.

Shields wrote that his ex-wife had gone back to the Netherlands while pregnant with the boy because she couldn't find work as an artist, causing him to spend "a fortune to travel there" to see his baby.

He said the financial stress of their dispute was destroying his life and his second marriage, also to a Dutch woman.

Shields' GoFundMe campaign received no donors and was taken down by the website on Tuesday afternoon.

"We have a twist in the case in that, in this custody battle, if you look at the GoFundMe, there's some self-reported statements that his life is spiraling out of control", he said.

It was not immediately clear how long she had been married to Shields, a 39-year-old co-founder of Score Rehabilitation.

His business partner, reached by telephone, declined comment.

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