Samsung India set to launch new Galaxy A premium smartphone

Brazil for the Galaxy A8

Brazil for the Galaxy A8

The value of the gold Galaxy Note 9 3,8 million rubles.

With that in mind, this guide will go over everything that's new with the Galaxy Note 9.

Nearly every leak and rumor about the Note 9 ended up true. This is the biggest size display used by the company ever in a phone.

"It is hard to beat the record of the Galaxy Note 8, as there was a lot of demand following the suspended production of the Galaxy Note 7", the official said. Key specifications of the new smartphone include a stylus equipped with Bluetooth technology that can act as a remote for various functions on the phone. He further added that the company is in a race to introduce the Galaxy phone with a foldable device in the market before its competitors. It's a tough choice.

Along with the improved camera software comes some improvements with Samsung's animated AR Emoji software - you can now edit some elements of the animated emojis after you've created them, which you couldn't do before, and there are some new panoramic backgrounds you can apply, including one that represents a "galaxy".

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That all said, the Galaxy S8+ is still a great phone.

Both can do a PC-like desktop experience with an external monitor, but the Galaxy S9+ needs the expensive DeX Pad accessory while the Note 9 can just run a USB-C to HDMI cable. You can use the button to start and stop videos, activate the camera to take photos, move slides forward and back. Yes, it's an year old phone but the hardware inside the Note 8 is so good and its S Pen functionality so versatile that if you want a Galaxy Note at a relatively better price, you should not hesitate to consider the Note 8. The global availability of Galaxy Note 9 is confirmed for August 24. We've compared every and all aspects of the Note 9 with the S8+ to try and help you make the right choice.

While the much-anticipated smartphone is still on its way to get launched, the first update for the Galaxy Note 9 has already arrived. He best iPhone X and Galaxy S9 and contrast Note 8 to 32%. In any case, they're very similar, and both look and feel fantastic.

The new device will sport a 6.3-inch full HD+ AMOLED "Infinity Display". Otherwise, you'll get the same attractive curved all metal and glass phone.

The Note 9 powered by dual Quad-Core CPU on board that clocks at a different frequency. Sadly we're not getting triple cameras, an in-glass fingerprint scanner, or anything else insane. The S9+'s 6GB of RAM is plenty to keep things speedy and handle multitasking, and that should be the same on the Note 9.

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