Stoneman Douglas Shooter Nikolas Cruz Confession Tapes Released, He Says 'Kill Me'

Nikolas Cruz suspected Florida high school shooter

Nikolas Cruz suspected Florida high school shooter

Cruz told Curcio that he had spent about $4,000 on three shotguns and three rifles at a store and had done so legally.

Cruz is accused of killing 17 students and faculty at the school in Parkland, Florida.

A Broward County grand jury indicted the 19-year-old Cruz in March on 17 counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and 17 counts of attempted murder in the first degree, and a judge entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf during his arraignment. You could have stopped the demon by getting a prescription for Xanax.

Video also shows Curcio asking Cruz about the voice in his head. "What the f - is wrong with me?"

"I hear demons. A voice, demon voice", he said, adding that the voice had told him to hurt people on the night before the shooting.

"It was really a roller-coaster with Cruz really from birth", Gualtieri said.

In the heavily redacted video released Wednesday by prosecutors, Cruz, wearing a hospital gown and trousers, can be seen entering an interrogation room with officers.

He pointed two fingers at his head at one point and said: "Just kill me".

"I think it's just a play".

In the beginning of the interrogation the detective makes mention that he can barely hear him and that Cruz doesn't look up. Ashley was told that would have violated Cruz's rights under federal disability law to attend the school with the "least-restrictive" environment he could handle.

Cruz later told the detective that he had used a pellet gun to kill birds and a chicken. "Kill. Destroy", he said the "evil" voice told him.

At one point, according to the transcript, Curcio asks Cruz about why he didn't seek professional help.

"The voice is, is in me". "To me, it's me and then my bad side ..." To which Cruz replied, "I'm sorry, dude".

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He then leaves to get Cruz some water.

Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley said that if Cruz required an escort, he had "forfeited" his right to attend a regular school.

In the interrogation room, Cruz said he went fishing the day of the mass shooting and purposely cut himself on the arm with a knife.

Cruz said the voice was talking to him while he was there in the interrogation room, telling him to kill himself.

Cruz said that when his mother was alive she was emotionally abusive and said he was insane, stupid, and worthless.

Runcie also said that the objective of the report was to explain to the public what happened, to fix any problems identified by the experts and to better train staff in the future. "You probably felt like you had nobody but I, I care about you". "He looked like a typical high school student, and for a quick moment I thought, could this be the person who I need to stop?" said Officer Michael Leonard revealed after the shooting.

Cruz also said he didn't go out with other girls because he "scared them".

When Curcio left the interrogation room for the second time, Cruz talked to himself.

"I want to die. At the end you are nothing but worthless s--t, dude", Cruz said. "You deserve to die because you are f-ing worthless". Curcio returns and handcuffs Cruz behind his back.

Detective John Curcio: "OK, so it's not like you don't hear voices from that corner talking to you". The document also details a meeting Cruz had with his younger brother. Seventeen people died and 17 more sustained injuries after Cruz stalked the halls of the 1200 Building, armed with an AR-15 and a black duffel bag full of ammunition.

Nikolas Cruz: "Once every day". The two agreed: "Mom would cry".

"I wish I could have prevented this. this is a big part of, like, my fault also because, you know, I grew up".

"Don't even laugh at me", Zachary said. "You know, I like to skate". Just, you like guns.

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