Street Fighter V’s Final Season 3 DLC Characters Appear

'Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition' gains Sagat and newcomer G

'Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition' gains Sagat and newcomer G

Following the release of Sagat and G as new characters in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition announced yesterday at EVO 2018 and executed right after this morning, Capcom released two further gameplay videos. When I used to play Street Fighter II at the arcades as a kid (yes, I'm old), I always thought Sagat shouted "Piper!" when executing his Tiger Shot.

The first one will be a familiar favorite, Sagat. Sagat and series newcomer, G, are both available to download today. Yes, he still has his powerful Tiger moves, including upper and lower fireballs that make him a formidable opponent.

You can check out both trailers, and see if Sagat or G fit your fighting taste.

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Not much has been known about the very presidential looking character called G. Capcom has been teasing his arrival over the past week and while many fans began speculating that this character could link to Q from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, it appears that isn't quite the case outside of a special outfit. However, while he looks a bit weird, he delivers a devastating blow to opponents, including various explosive moves that can devastate someone within just a few hits. If you have the Season 3 Character Pass - which was offered earlier this year - then you can download them for no charge.

If you don't have Season Pass 3 for them, you can get these individually with 100,000 fight money each, or pay $5.99 for the individual character DLC in order to unlock them in the game. You can also purchase said Character Pass for $29.99.

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