The two victims killed in Florida game tournament shooting identified

Multiple fatalities reported including a suspect in mass shooting at Jacksonville Fla. video game tournament

Multiple fatalities reported including a suspect in mass shooting at Jacksonville Fla. video game tournament

The office gave an all-caps warning to "STAY AWAY" from the area. The reports emerge. Twitter sleuths sort through a wave of information and misinformation. "This is a frightful incident and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved". "His mother was an fantastic woman who was incredibly close to her son".

"He never even had a fistfight".

The shooting occurred during an esports tournament in which gamers competed by playing "Madden NFL 2019".

Police identified David Katz, 24, of Baltimore to be the gunman.

Jones said he knew Katz by the gamer tags he used online - often "Bread" or "Sliced Bread" - and had played against him online but had never spoken to him personally.

In 2016 a gunman killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, in the second-deadliest shooting by a single gunman in USA history.

Williams said the shooting was carried out with a handgun and that Katz allegedly killed himself after killing two others and wounding nine more.

They both died in the shooting at the GLHF Game Bar Sunday, where they were attending a tournament for competitive players of the football video game, Madden. They say one person was treated for a "non-gunshot-related" injury. All of the injured are expected to survive, he said.

Police have yet to officially identify all the victims, but several survivors spoke up on social media following the shooting. Investigators believe Katz may have stayed in a hotel during the event.

"It's not so much anymore", Stearns said as he and his roommate stood outside with neighbors and watched federal authorities.

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A man who said he defeated Katz in the tournament told CBS affiliate WJAX that Katz was a "well-known competitor", but that he kept to himself and didn't interact with anyone else at the weekend event.

The records show Katz's parents disagreed deeply on how to care for their troubled son. Katz's father claimed his estranged wife was exaggerating symptoms of mental illness as part of the couple's long-running and acrimonious custody battle. He divorced David's mother Elizabeth in 2007.

The sheriff's office said many people were transported to hospital, and its deputies found many others hiding in locked areas at The Landing.

The shooter was a gamer who had lost, competitor Steven "Steveyj" Javaruski told the Los Angeles Times.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune a shooter opened fire during a Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville Sunday afternoon killing four people and injuring nearly a dozen others. Sheriff Mike Williams issued a statement saying: "We just finished clearing The Landing of potential witnesses and victims there".

Such tournaments can involve high stakes. Williams said the lone suspect is dead.

The competition was held in a gaming bar that shares space with a pizzeria. "He's got a family at home, and he just came out here to try to win some money for this family".

Reacting to news of the shooting during the tournament involving its game, Madden 19 maker Electronic Arts Inc said it was working with authorities to gather facts. As the video feed switches to a kickoff return, gunshots ring out, followed by sounds of panic and chaos.

The 26-year-old told APTN that he jumped the fence and ran for his life.

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