There Will Be No China Release for Disney’s Christopher Robin

Image via Disney

Image via Disney

With Disney set to unveil their next big film on cinemas tomorrow, Christopher Robin (look out for our review coming soon) they have released a new trailer for the movie that gives audiences a better idea of what to expect when Disney brings some of the world's most beloved characters to life in a new and exciting story.

For only the second time this year, a Disney movie has been denied release in China. The first reason is simply that there are too many major Hollywood tentpoles already in the Chinese film market.

Black SUV was seen circling neighborhood where Mollie Tibbetts vanished
He said he had never seen Tibbetts before, because he didn't venture into the Brooklyn area, which is several miles from his home. Farmer Wayne Cheney was questioned by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, who asked to search his property.

Past appearances of Xi with then-U.S. President Barack Obama and with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have produced online comparisons of the Chinese leader with the pudgy cartoon character. The ban extended to HBO's Last Week Tonight, where host John Oliver noted the physical similarities between Xi and Pooh. Christopher Robin is a movie that the whole family can enjoy, across nostalgic parents and children alike, and is the flawless title to help drive families away from pirating content and encourage them towards the many legal ways in which they can access creative content from cinema to the home.

For moviegoers like me who grew up with the animated tales of the Hundred Acre Wood, there's a heady nostalgia in seeing Pooh and his friends embarking on another expedition. Marc Forster, who directed from a script by Alex Ross Perry, doesn't have an especially fanciful imagination, but he keeps things moving along at a fairly brisk pace. Voicing the characters from the hundred acre wood include Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh, Chris O'Dowd as Tigger, Brad Garrett as Eeyore, Toby Jones as Owl, Nick Mohammed as Piglet, Peter Capaldi as Rabbit, and Sophie Okonedo as Kanga. Winnie the Pooh is actually based on a real stuffed bear, and his real-life owner was a little boy named Christopher Robin Milne.

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