Tropical Storm Miriam Forecast to Miss Hawai'i

Flooding near Hilo Hawaii Friday

Flooding near Hilo Hawaii Friday

The next tropical storm will be called Florence.

The area of low pressure that moved off the coast of Africa has continued to become better organized, and is producing a large area of disturbed weather with gusty winds, but now lacks a well-defined center.

Thursday morning the National Hurricane Center issued the first advisory for Potential Tropical Cyclone Six.

With the peak of hurricane season close at hand, there are signs that the tropical Atlantic may soon spring to life with the potential for direct impact on the coastal United States in the days ahead. Tropical Storm Warnings have been posted for portions of the Cabo Verde Islands, where heavy rain and strong winds are expected through tomorrow.

There is also a tropical wave near Puerto Rico that will move toward the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

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Located about 2,573 miles west of Hilo, Norman was packing maximum sustained winds of 65 mph while moving west-northwest at 10 mph at 5 a.m., according to the National Hurricane Center.

Storm Ophelia brought the country to a standstill previous year as average wind speeds of between 65 and 80km/h with some gusts of 110 to 130km/h struck the emerald isle. It's moving slowly west and in the general direction of Florida.

The chance for showers falls slightly for Friday, but picks back up for our holiday weekend.

Sea surface temperatures have warmed from their unseasonably cooler status earlier this year and the dry Saharan air, which is known to discourage tropical development, is north of where this system is about to emerge.

There is a high chance that this will develop into a tropical cyclone Friday as it moves west.

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