US supplied bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen, claims report

Yemen Schoolbus attack US manufactured General Dynamics Lockheed Martin bomb

Yemen Schoolbus attack US manufactured General Dynamics Lockheed Martin bomb

The bomb was identified as a US-made MK-82, a 500 lb pound made by Lockheed Martin, and sold to the Saudis during one of the many arms deals reached in recent years to supply the Saudi war in Yemen.

They also noted that the numbers on the weapon identified major USA military contractor Lockheed Martin as its maker.

Dozens of children were killed on August 9 during an attack on a bus at a market in rebel-held northern Yemen.

The bomb is similar to one used in an attack on a funeral hall in Yemen in October 2016 in which 155 people were killed and hundreds more wounded, CNN said.

Ed Krassenstein of the Washington, DC-based political newspaper and website The Hill wrote that former US President Barack "Obama banned the sale of these bombs to the Saudis but Trump lifted that ban as part of his attempt to undo everything Obama did".

It added that both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have cooperated with the USA using "the dirtiest means", which the group said it would uncover soon.

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The day of the air strike, the US State Department called for the Saudi-led coalition to investigate it. The war and the accompanying blockade have also caused starvation across Yemen.

The value of Yemeni riyal has been plunging since the start of civil war in the Gulf country with the involved parties pointing the finger of blame at each other and bail-out measures seemingly ineffective.

Separately on Friday, the Yemeni army fired a ballistic missile at the kingdom's southern Narran region in retaliation for the deadly military campaign on the impoverished state.

Additionally, Yemen's al-Masirah television network reported a Saudi airstrike on the Hamadan district in Sana'a Province.

The imposed war, however, has so far failed to achieve its goals, thanks to stiff resistance from Yemeni troops and allied Houthi fighters.

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