VW accused of ruining crops by using weather-altering technology

A metering rule is placed beside hailstones after a hail storm hit the city of Zurich

A metering rule is placed beside hailstones after a hail storm hit the city of Zurich

Volkswagen is scaling back its use of weather-altering tech at its Mexican auto plant because nearby farmers are complaining it's preventing rainfall and causing droughts, reports the Financial Times.

According to them, the plant was installed hradobiynoyu guns, which defended the new cars parked next to the enterprise from hail.

The country's farming communities have accused the manufacturer of "arbitrarily" provoking a drought in the central state of Puebla, where Volkswagen operates its largest auto factory outside of Germany.

Scientists are skeptical over whether hail cannons actually work.

Volkswagen isn't the only entity in the region using the cannons, other farmers have them installed as well to prevent the hail from damaging their crops, and the cannons' manufacturer states that its effective radius is only around 600 square feet around the area where the gas is fired. To cover the crop losses, the farmers are demanding that Volkswagen pay almost $4 million in compensation, according to the report. "After meeting with local authorities about how to protect vehicles from hailstorms at our Puebla, Mexico, factory, we will suspend the automatic operation of anti-hail sonic devices near our vehicle storage yards and will only operate them in manual mode when weather conditions determine hail is imminent".

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It also pledged to invest in protective mesh to serve as its first line of defense against hail.

Volkswagen has been accused of ruining crops planted near one of its factories in Mexico by using technology to alter the weather. "They are acting arbitrarily", said Rafael Ramirez, the top local environmental official.

You'd think that Volkswagen would have had its fill of impacting the environment. Still, farmers in Puebla claim that the cannons have led to a lack of much-needed rainfall.

"The sky literally clears and it simply doesn't rain", he told AFP, adding that the cannons were "affecting the Earth's cycles".

The Puebla plant is its largest in the world outside Germany.

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