What's happened since Adam Catzavelos's racist video rant went viral?

Johannesburg businessman Adam Catzavelos has been publically shamed for a racist comment on Twitter

Johannesburg businessman Adam Catzavelos has been publically shamed for a racist comment on Twitter

After filming himself joyfully celebrating being on holiday in Greece with "not a single ka*** in sight", Catzavelos faced instant backlash and was even fired by his own family from their business.

Soon after this video, he became a trend on social media and people were sure about finding him.

"I have watched my video and feel total shame". It's hard to put into words what I want to say and genuinely apologise.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is filing a complaint about Mr Catzavelos at the South African Human Rights Commission, but urged the state to pursue criminal charges, saying it was time for racist offenders to face jail sentences.

The racist video‚ which he shared on social media‚ has outraged South Africans‚ with companies associated with Catzavelos distancing themselves from his remarks.

Staff members at St George's Fine Foods have pleaded with the restaurants that have terminated their contracts with the family business to reconsider their decision.

CBB's Rodrigo Alves given formal and final warning over language
Rodrigo has received a formal and final warning and if he uses such language again, he will be removed immediately. In 2007, contestant Emily Parr was ejected from the house for using the word towards a housemate.

I love South Africa and am proud to have lived in such a handsome and diverse country. "I believe couldn't believe what he did", Dragan Krunic, director of the Rib Zone told News24 on Wednesday.

Butcher Boys director, Derryck Myers, said that "we had a conference call and we are disassociating ourselves immediately from St George's". With the reach of social media, Twitterati helped to find him.

South Africans on Twitter are mocking racist beachgoer Adam Catzavelos after his racist video went viral...

"Because of the actions of this parent, the matter has, quite rightly, assumed a high public profile", the school stated.

They have approached a PR company and they have sent out a statement.

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