WhatsApp Messages Not Encrypted On Google Drive

Here’s what Whats App said about your ‘chat media

Here’s what Whats App said about your ‘chat media

While Apple iOS users may elect to use iCloud backup storage options, Android users store theirs through Google Drive - but alongside the changes, WhatsApp has reminded users that once communication, chat, and media is transferred away from the app, end-to-end encryption is no longer in place.

Further more the messaging app guarantees privacy protection to its users from third parties who try to invade your data and itself from reading the messages but your chat, the app said, is no longer safe and encrypted once you backup your data on google drive. It is still available for everything sent over the app, just not for messages stored on Google Drive.

This statement raised fears that hackers, cops or even government spooks could access private data if they gained access to someone's Google Drive account.

From 12 November, 2018, onwards, your Google Drive's total storage will not include the space occupied by backed up WhatsApp messages.

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But it has admitted these are not protected by "end-to-end" encryption, which could mean they are easier to hack into.

Google and Facebook earlier this month teamed up to offer WhatsApp users free, unlimited backups storage on Google Drive. It asked the messaging platform to immediately stop the spread of "irresponsible and explosive messages filled with rumours and provocation" through the application of appropriate technology. It is a feature.

WhatsApp provides end to end encryption, meaning the message a user sends can only be read by the recipient and vice versa. "While Google does encrypt files on the server side they also ultimately control the keys for those - which can be provided to law enforcement authorities on the basis of a warrant", said Karan Saini, independent security researcher. "So, if you trust Google, you can enable it". "WhatsApp will not weaken the privacy protections we provide". If there's stuff that you want to hold on to, open WhatsApp and go to Settings Chats Chat backup.

In its FAQ page, WhatsApp has given instruction about Goole Drive backup.

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