WhatsApp officially rolls out forward message limit for Indian users

The Whats App messaging application is seen on a phone screen

The Whats App messaging application is seen on a phone screen

Apart from the forward message limit, WhatsApp also launched educational videos in India asking users to "double check" facts before sharing messages received as forwards. A spokesperson for the company told The New York Times that the Check Point discovery was not related to its efforts to stop misinformation.

"Since people have been murdered in India and Brazil due to fake Whatsapp messages, and since Whatsapp is admissible evidence in courts around the world, we decided we couldn't keep it to ourselves", he said.

The petition also said the social media giant does not comply with tax and other laws of India but its reach is such that it is used by everyone, be it a commoner or the judges of the apex court. WhatsApp has more than 200 million users in India.

Further woes for Whatsapp sees the discovery of a new bug on the platform, which allows hackers to access your group chats and private messages.

The move was announced by WhatsApp last month.

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The Facebook-owned messaging app is facing scrutiny in India, after it was reported that viral video messages shared on the app resulted in lynching, mob violence in some parts of the country.

It also pointed out various rumour based crimes that had happened in the country and said that the growth of such incidents was directly proportional to the growth of the user base of messaging services like WhatsApp. The company said 90 per cent of all messages on the service are sent in one-on-one conversations, and the majority of groups are six people or less - making it less likely that an unknown person can infiltrate a conversation to trick other users.

Woog of WhatsApp said the company was taking "the challenge of misinformation seriously", putting limits on how widely a message can be shared to different groups and attaching labels when a message has been forwarded.

"In addition, WhatsApp is publishing a screenshot of how the forward limit looks in WhatsApp".

Earlier this week reports have highlighted that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had asked telecom companies for ways to block social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram in case of threat to national security and public order.

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