Whoops: UK Retailer Reveals New DJI Mavic 2 Before Official Release

Here's the original Mavic Pro for comparison.                  CNET

Here's the original Mavic Pro for comparison. CNET

Information about the new drone has been leaking here and there for a while now but we now have most of our questions answered after United Kingdom retail catalog Argos kind of leaked the details and they're pretty interesting. This is new for DJI, and also features on the latest drone from Parrot, the ANAFI.

The Mavic 2 Pro is what might be expected from a second generation device, with advances being made on its predecessor in flight time, distance, obstacle awareness and larger sensor.

Reading the small print below we can see that both drones will be able to hit speeds of 45 miles per hour and stay in the air for 31 minutes at a time.

According to drone news publisher DroningOn, a Facebook user by the name of Isa Turan contacted DJI via the social media platform to ask whether the leak was legitimate or a photoshop gimmick and was told the catalog was printed before the "See the Bigger Picture" event was postponed. We don't know whether that reason is technical in nature - something that might mean the official products are slightly different to what's featured in the Argos catalog. The biggest surprise is that the Mavic 2 will come in two distinct models, Pro and Zoom. Dolly Zoom (zoom version only).

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The leaks emerged after Argos failed to remove pre planned content that was not released due to DJI moving their launch events at short notice. The leak suggested that the drone might be able to detect obstacles with a 360-degree field of view.

But it's still the first time a sensor of this kind will feature in a drone this capable and small. Once we get local pricing and available info we'll be sure to let you know. Now, more details have emerged about its successor, which will apparently arrive in two specs. "We look forward to giving our fans an incredible drone experience as soon as we can".

However, it does not reveal how much the drones will cost and says customers should visit the Argos website for more information.

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