Workers with open office seating are less stressed

Stress,How To Reduce Stress,Stress At Work

Stress,How To Reduce Stress,Stress At Work

The study showed that workers in open bench seating arrangements were 32% more physically active at office than those in private offices and 20% more active than those in cubicles. The chances are that you exercise more and are less stressed than those who spend their hours in cubicles or holed up in their own offices. Importantly, workers who were more physically active at the office had 14 percent less physiological stress outside of the office compared to those with less physical activity at the office.

They added: "This study suggests that in some cases, design modifications may be employed to overcome the negative health impact features of different types of office workstations".

The perils of a sedentary lifestyle have prompted the NHS to advise at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, and to reduce the amount of time people spend sitting. At the end of the study they filled in a survey to assess their stress levels. "There are ongoing and accelerating trends towards reducing dedicated individual work space in offices in order to save rental and other overhead costs, and to reduce environmental impacts of underutilised space".

Bijan Najafi, director of Interdisciplinary Consortium on Advanced Motion Performance at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in Texas, says it is satisfying to know that his work on wearable devices to measure stress and activity can help improve health and well-being for millions of office workers. Sternberg said in a statement, "If we can figure out how to design offices to allow people to be more active, that will result in better health and lower stress, so educating people about that is really important".

Older office workers were more likely to have higher stress levels.

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The data also showed those working in open plan offices took around 1,000 more steps a day than those with their own office.

Participants in the study by the University of Arizona - 231 employees of the United States government working at four offices - wore heart sensors and activity monitors for three consecutive working days and two nights.

One curse of the cubicle is that instead of finding a more private spot, people can talk loudly on the phone and in small groups, much to the annoyance of their neighbours.

" design, driven by office workstation type, could be an important health-promoting factor..."

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