1 year later: Political storm over Puerto Rico

Massive stockpile of bottled water found in Puerto Rico a year after Maria

Massive stockpile of bottled water found in Puerto Rico a year after Maria

"I mean, he used the excuse that it was hard to get to Puerto Rico because it was an island as if no one ever knew Puerto Rico was an island and now when it comes to Hurricane Florence, he's putting a little more focus on it but if I were the folks in North Carolina, I wouldn't feel too comfortable that President Trump going to be trying to help the people of the Carolinas", said Jason Ortiz with the Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda.

"To be tweeting about 3,000 people and be efficient, it's actually disrespectful for my country", said Cora, a former player from Caguas, about 20 miles south of San Juan.

In response to President Trump's tweet, the Milken Institute released a statement saying they stand by their study, calling the 2,975 death toll number "the most accurate and unbiased estimate of excess mortality to date".

He said: "When I left the Island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths".

The mayor of Ceiba, Angel Cruz Ramos, told CNN he's grateful for the generosity, but believes that too much water was delivered at the wrong time. "Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like 3000", he wrote.

On Aug. 27, the Puerto Rican government put the number of dead at 2,975, a total based on a George Washington University study commissioned by the Puerto Rico government that includes deaths caused or not prevented because the island's infrastructure was decimated. This number included deaths that were indirectly related to the storm.

General view of a flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on September 23, 2017. This Twitter rant also arrives after Trump allocated nearly $10,000,000 from FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) to ICE (The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Maria hit on September 20, walloping the island just 14 days after Hurricane Irma had struck a glancing blow.

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The results of the vote will give a concrete indication as to which bloc will be able to form the future cabinet. Abadi has also called for unity, as disagreements among political parties appear set to cause further problems.

After his tweets, Democrats accused Trump of minimising the death toll for callous political reasons.

President Donald Trump is notorious for making false claims and denying any set of information that makes him look bad - even if it's from his own government.

Make no mistake: The death toll did continue to rise in the months after Maria. In addition to this, the administrator of Puerto Rico's General Services Administration, Ottmar Chávez, in a statement said that Puerto Rico authorities had been given the approval to taking into custody the distribution of the 700 pallets of water among the local residents. Both have made outreach to Florida's growing Puerto Rican population a focus of their campaigns.

That number was produced by public health experts at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., in a report commissioned by the USA territory's governor, Ricardo Rossello. I know probably he doesn't feel that way.

The president visited the Houston area a year ago in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and got blasted by many for not showing empathy toward the survivors.

Trump maintained as recently as Tuesday that his response to the storm was an "incredible unsung success".

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