A rundown of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

Third woman goes public with allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Third woman goes public with allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

"She said that in high school she had been trapped in a room and physically restrained by one boy who was molesting her while another boy watched", his statement says. "The Senate must reject this nomination". She also alleged that Kavanaugh's friend, Mark Judge, was also in the room during the alleged assault.

Many on the right believe that the allegations are part of a smear campaign by Democrats who already opposed Kavanaugh's nomination, while progressives have tended to rally to his accusers.

Judge, however, wasn't at the hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday - he's "recovering from alcoholism" at a beach house in DE, according to his lawyer.

Kavanaugh has denied her allegations.

Russell Ford, with whom Christine Blasey Ford has two children, said in his statement that he first learned that Ford had "any experience with sexual assault" was around the time the couple got married in 2002. Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegations against him.

On Wednesday, attorney Michael Avenatti posted the affidavit on Twitter.

I attended well over ten house parties in the Washington, D.C. area during the years 1981-1983 where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present.

Swetnick disputes Kavanaugh's version of himself in high school, claiming that she witnessed him "consistently engage in excessive drinking and inappropriate contact of a sexual nature with women during the early 1980s".

New Allegations Against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Submitted to Senate Committee
Those comments revealed in the final days of his campaign for the White House, Trump apologized, calling it "locker room talk". She continued: "I wouldn't characterize him as not friendly - he was just nervous and not really wanting to speak with me".

"She's not credible at all", he added. Again, the California senator called for an FBI investigation.

"Avenatti is a third-rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations, like he did on me and like he is now doing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh", Trump tweeted from a United Nations luncheon event Wednesday.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and Congresswoman Katherine Clark also released statements voicing concerns about the third set of allegations.

"These allegations and corroborating accounts of criminal conduct by Judge Kavanaugh are incredibly disturbing", Healey said.

"These most recent allegations don't have anything to do with Dr. Ford", Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) said. He said his wife mentioned that she was afraid Trump would pick Kavanaugh, who was on his list of candidates.

Around 1982, Swetnick states, she herself was a victim "of one of these "gang" or "train" rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present".

"And assuming someone wouldn't report it for whatever reason why would you go back even once let alone go to 9 other parties?"

Trump said he was skeptical because he personally has been the target of "false statements" in the past made by various women.

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