Amazon announces Fire TV Recast, a new companion DVR for mobile devices

Amazon announces Fire TV Recast, a new companion DVR for mobile devices

Amazon announces Fire TV Recast, a new companion DVR for mobile devices

Part of Amazon's deluge of products was the new Amazon Fire TV Recast.

The new DVR costs far more than their competitors who already have apps on the Fire TV with a cost of $229.99. You can use the "On Now" row to view what's currently airing, or the Channel Guide and "DVR" tab to search for live shows, manage recordings, and view up to two weeks of programming.

Created to be stashed out of the way where your over-the-air reception is best, Amazon promises to help you find the right place for the device during setup - maybe the attic where you have the best reception - and then via integration with their Fire TV take care of the rest. Contained in those releases, however, was significant news of more than 70 new devices, features and tools for its Fire, Alexa and Echo systems, all of which will be major holiday season items for the tech giant. The Fire TV Recast will have a programming guide (accessible through those other devices), and recording and playback is, of course, accessible via voice through Alexa-powered devices.

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With Alexa on Fire TV or Echo Show, it's easy to control Fire TV Recast with your voice and quickly get to the programs you want. It will then stream wirelessly to other Fire TV devices, as well as the Echo Show.

Record up to 2 shows at once, with enough storage for up to 75 hours of HD programming. Unlike competing services, no subscription is required.

Keep in mind that in order to set up Fire TV Recast you'll need an HDTV antenna and access to the Fire TV app on a compatible Fire tablet, iOS, or Android device.

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