Apple grabbed 62% of global smartphone profits during the second quarter

While Apple remains the King of Top End Premium Smartphones they're Shockingly now a Power Player in the Mid-level Segment

While Apple remains the King of Top End Premium Smartphones they're Shockingly now a Power Player in the Mid-level Segment

This is considering the fact that the global premium segment of smartphones has seen a growth 7+ percent as compared to the overall smartphone segment which had seen an overall growth of -1 percent in the Q2 of 2018.

Among phones priced between $400 and $600, Apple and OPPO were tied at 22 percent of sales, Samsung reached 16 percent, Huawei accounted for 14 percent, Xiaomi 6 percent and OnePlus 5 percent.

Around 40 OEMs compete in the premium smartphone segment worldwide, out of which the top five players account for nearly 88 per cent of the sales.

Apple led the way with a mammoth 43% of the premium segment ( $400) share, followed by Samsung (24%), OPPO (10%), Huawei (9%), Xiaomi (3%), Oneplus (2%). (NASDAQ:AAPL) dominated the global premium smartphone segment in Q2 2018, capturing 43% share.

Since profits in the smartphone industry are largely generated by premium models, it is not surprising to see that Apple is the king of the hill once more. This segment typically has the most generous profit margins, and contribute greatly to profitability as a result. For example, the premium market has grown about 27% from past year.

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Other stats released by Counterpoint show Apple's dominance in the premium market.

Driven by strong sales in India, China and the UK, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus entered the top five premium Android Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) globally, in the second quarter of 2018, said a report on Wednesday.

According to Counterpoint Research, a global market research company, on September 19, OnePlus held 40% of the Indian premium smartphone market in the second quarter of the year, outstripping Samsung Electronics.

Out of the 40 OEMs which compete in the premium smartphone segment worldwide, the top five brands account for nearly 88 percent of sales.

The $600-800 segment presents an entirely different story. The $600-$800 segment is a fairly even split between Apple and Samsung (its 44% vs. 41%, the chart makes the difference seem much bigger). This is in part due to sluggish sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 series in comparison to Apple iPhone X. Counterpoint Research has two charts that will quickly explain it – Apple took in 62% of the global profits from phones during the second quarter of this year.

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