AT&T Adds New 5G Cities, Names Infrastructure Vendors

The Air Gig proof-of-concept if you see this outside your house welcome to 5G

The Air Gig proof-of-concept if you see this outside your house welcome to 5G

AT&T plans to start testing equipment in its labs and expects to roll out commercial 5G service in USA cities from Atlanta, Dallas and Houston starting this year.

After an initial rollout to seven cities earlier this year, AT&T will introduce the service to five other cities including Oklahoma City and Atlanta by the end of the year.

The company also informed that in order to complete this list, the company has added two more cities in Texas, Houston and San Antonio; Jacksonville, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; and New Orleans, Louisiana-again, with plans to bring the 5G technology to these cities later this year.

It appears that the 5G rollouts won't cover all areas of the cities, instead focusing initially on the most densely populated parts, using millimeter wave spectrum.

"We're at the dawn of something new that will define the next decade and generation of connectivity", says Andre Fuetsch, CTO of AT&T Communications, in a statement. This weekend in Waco, the company made what it's calling the first real-world 5G data transfer over millimeter wave. "Much like 4G introduced the world to the gig economy, mobile 5G will jumpstart the next wave of unforeseen innovation".

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Some urban, suburban and rural areas will receive mid-and low-band spectrum holdings.

Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday it has been selected along with Nokia and Ericsson as hardware vendors for the 5G services of the second largest USA wireless carrier AT&T.

AT&T, a top telecom company in the United States, has selected Samsung Electronics as one of its technology suppliers in establishing a fifth-generation (5G) mobile network. However, Justin Denison, the senior vice president of marketing for Samsung in North America, declined to be pinned down, saying Samsung will make that 5G announcement when "the time is right", Denison said at the AT&T Spark conference in San Francisco.

The operator said that feat was achieved using a Qualcomm "smartphone form factor test device" built around a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem and RF subsystem and "Ericsson 5G-NR capable radios connected to our virtual 3X standards compliant core".

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