Ballpark worker in Detroit arrested after video shows spitting on pizza

Restaurant worker spits huge string of saliva onto customer's pizza

Restaurant worker spits huge string of saliva onto customer's pizza

A food service employee at the Detroit Tigers' baseball stadium has been arrested after he was allegedly caught on video spitting on a customer's pizza.

The man who posted that video, another Comerica Park employee, claims his managers tried to shut him up when he told them about the employee who was spitting on pizzas.

The video of the incident, which the employee shared on his Instagram account, has since gone viral, shared thousands of times. He said that Kerley was having a bad day and said that he had done that to other pizzas in the past. They said that May was sent home Friday before they knew of the video. The video shows an employee spitting on pizza dough before putting tomato sauce over the pizza.

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'The customers don't deserve this!

Detroit Sportservice, which provides food and beverage concessions at Comerica Park, has released a statement confirming that the food stand was closed, and that "all the product" was disposed of after the incident was brought to the company's attention, the Associated Press reported. Comerica Park representatives told WXYZ that they immediately shut down the stand when they were informed about the issue.

And others warned such behavior is likely to be far more common than most diners realize. "We have been told by police that the worker has been arrested and is in custody, pending charges", Detroit Sportservice wrote.

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