Buzz Aldrin Criticizes Armstrong Biopic With US Flag Tweet

Buzz Aldrin Criticizes Armstrong Biopic With US Flag Tweet

Buzz Aldrin Criticizes Armstrong Biopic With US Flag Tweet

In addition to Gosling's defense of the movie's omission, actor Jason Clarke said that the controversy is "just silly and naive, I think", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Armstrong, who died at age 82 in 2012, is the subject of "First Man", which stars Ryan Gosling and is scheduled to hit theaters next month.

In his first response to the row Aldrin, 88, posted on Twitter a still from footage of himself and Armstrong planting the USA flag.

When it was revealed that the film omits the moment in which Armstrong and crewmate Buzz Aldrin planted the American flag on the lunar surface (an iconic moment from the mission, to be sure, but not the only iconic moment), Americans including Republic Senator Marco Rubio of Florida were outraged and expressed their disappointment via Twitter.

They said the film is "quite the opposite" of being "anti-American".

The $70 million film stars Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong and is being tipped for Oscar glory.

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Gosling himself played down the importance of nationalism at the Venice Film Festival last week and suggested that reaching the moon was an accomplishment that "transcended countries and borders".

"This story is human and it is universal".

It's worth noting here that the American flag is of course very present throughout First Man. "It also celebrates an achievement 'for all mankind, '" a statement by the Armstrongs read. "The filmmakers chose to focus on Neil looking back at the earth, his walk to Little West Crater, his unique, personal experience of completing this journey, a journey that has seen so many incredible highs and devastating lows".

Columnist Bill Kristol claimed the film was "a foolish and pernicious falsification of history".

The director of the Armstrong biopic, Damien Chazelle, also released a statement saying the movie is absolutely not a political statement. The "La La Land" filmmaker was motivated to portray the risks and challenges of the moon mission through the eyes of Armstrong. It does, however, include several scenes of the flag on the moon. "To address the question of whether this was a political statement, the answer is no", the First Man director said in an interview with Variety.

Before the actual moon landing, American Congress forbid NASA from placing flags of other countries or global bodies on the moon during USA -funded missions after the debate was raised the banner of the United Nations should be placed on the moon's surface.

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