Captain Cook's missing HMS Endeavour 'discovered' off United States coast

Captain Cook's missing HMS Endeavour 'discovered' off United States coast

Captain Cook's missing HMS Endeavour 'discovered' off United States coast

Now, what the Sydney Morning Herald calls "one of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time" may have been solved: the ship's final resting place.

"Basically what we know is the size of the Endeavour hull [and] a ship of that type uses certain dimensions of timber", he told the Guardian.

A 39-year-old naval officer and cartographer named James Cook was put in command of the Endeavour and, in August of 1768, the explorer and his crew set sail from Plymouth, England, on what would become the first of Cook's famed Pacific voyages.

HMS Endeavour, Captain James Cook's old boat that he famously used to discover a few places that already existed, has apparently been found after spending almost 250 years lost at the bottom of the sea.

LONDON-It was the ship that sparked the colonization of an entire continent.

The nonprofit group has spent more than 25 years searching for the Endeavour, as well as dozens of other vessels lost off the coast of the state during the American Revolution.

Captain Cook used the vessel on a voyage of discovery to Australia and New Zealand in 1770 and it was later used by the British navy in the American War of Independence before it was scuttled off Newport, Rhode Island, in 1778.

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"This is a vessel that is significant to people around the world".

On its return to England, the Endeavour was sold into private hands in 1775, and renamed as the Lord Sandwich.

"In a statement on their website, RIMAP said: "[we have] identified a possible site in Newport Harbour that might be the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour". But the Guardian sounds a note of caution, quoting the director of the Australian National Maritime Museum as saying a confirmation has not yet happened, and that divers are retrieving timber samples that will hopefully provide verification that the ship is British in origin.

The wrecks are in shallow water (scuttled to create a blockade) in a very busy harbor, with poor visibility, hampering divers' investigations.

"It's not definitive that this is Endeavour", Sumption said.

Investigators will also look for evidence that the wreck belongs to a prison ship-the last usage of the Endeavour was for carrying prisoners of war. The researchers hope to have that work done by the 250th anniversary of Cook's arrival in Australia's Botany Bay-and his claiming of Australia as British territory-in 2020. "It'll be bits of wood and vessel that might be recovered".

Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project founder Dr Kathy Abbass came across historical documents in London that guided her team to the general area in Newport Harbour.

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