Chinese flight attendant fired after accepting mid-air marriage proposal

Flight attendant fired after her boyfriend proposes mid-flight

Flight attendant fired after her boyfriend proposes mid-flight

A flight attendant thought she was getting her happily ever after moment in May when her boyfriend proposed to her during her flight.

According to Asia One, roughly 30 minutes after takeoff, the woman's boyfriend got down on one knee at the front of the aircraft and popped the question.

A China Eastern Airlines flight attendant lost her job after her boyfriend chose to surprise her with a proposal mid-flight. A video which has now gone viral on social media captures the sweet proposal.

Now, her employment with China Eastern Airlines has been terminated over concerns that she "neglected passenger safety".

The video then showed the emotional bride-to-be speaking to the passengers through the plane's intercom: 'I had never expected that my boyfriend would propose to me during a flight.

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The happy couple deliver the news to cheering passengers.

The company said that private romantic behavior caused turmoil among passengers and was extremely irresponsible for the safety of passengers, reports Channel 8.

It also reported that the decision has split some in China.

MailOnline has contacted Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines for comments on the matter, and is awaiting a reply.

Some believe the firing was "inhuman" while others feel that dealing with "private affairs" during professional hours is not the way to do things.

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