Chrome 69 Released With Enhanced Security, Customization, and Design

Chrome 69 Released With Enhanced Security, Customization, and Design

Chrome 69 Released With Enhanced Security, Customization, and Design

Google has chosen today to make an announcement because of a special occasion: It's Google Chrome's 10th birthday! It's fast, and it's always receiving powerful new features.

Thus far, Microsoft has seemingly swung and missed on several at-bats with its Edge browser for consumers, but if the Android downloads are any indication, there is interest in new browser experiences; maybe it'll just take 10 years. Autofill is more accurate, and you can use the new tab page to both create new site shortcuts and customize the background for those just-opened tabs. There's a reason why it's the number one web browser in the world, after all. With this release, we see some of this being put into play with how they indicate whether a web site is secure. Unfortunately, this goes against our preferred security, even though Google encrypts passwords, because storing them in the browser creates a treasure trove for malware to pilfer that sensitive data. You will certainly need a little getting used to, though the new changes are more than fantastic. In June, it was possible to enable this new UI with a Chrome flag which no longer became necessary when the new UI was enabled by default in the Canary channel. Google has also simplified prompts, menus and URLs in the address bar. Google also promises you'll soon be able to search Google Drive via Omnibox.

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The new update will be coming your way today and will be visible on all platforms including desktop, Android and iOS. It also updated its tabs to make it harder to lose track of a site if you have a bunch open. In case you're wondering about performance, Google says it continues to work on improving startup time, latency, memory use and more, although it doesn't seem we'll see changes there to this particular build. This is a great addition as it will remove the requirement of installing an extension to perform this behavior, which many simply track your searchers or perform other unwanted behavior. It can more accurately fill in your passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers as all this information is saved to your Google account, and can also now be accessed directly from the Chrome toolbar. Not only will it proactively autocomplete queries and show answers before you can click enter, but it will also route you to now open tabs if you try to search for them. Simply type a question into the browser, and if Google can pull an easy to display answer, it will display it directly in the search results as shown in the image above.

You know the box at the top of Chrome that combines the search bar and address bar into one?

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