Conspiracy about woman at Kavanaugh hearing rages online

Democrats War on Woman Behind Kavanaugh

Democrats War on Woman Behind Kavanaugh

The symbol has been associated with white supremacy on social media.

"This neo-nazi is Zina Bash".

In the video of Bash, her pinky finger is folded under her forearm and never actually is straightened out to form the third prong of the letter "W".

Regardless, the freakish theory surrounding Bash has gained traction online, with speculation rife that the attorney meant to flash a "white power" sign during the televised conference.

But the narrative was undermined by the fact that Bash's father is a Jewish Polish-American whose parents escaped Nazi persecution in Germany, and her mother is an immigrant from Mexico.

That did not prevent many on the left to keep slinging accusations at Bash.

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On Tuesday, leftists concocted the idea that Zina Bash, a former clerk for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, flashed a "white power" hand gesture while she sat behind him at his nomination hearing for the Supreme Court. She's intentionally throwin up White Power signs at a Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing. "What a national outrage and a disgrace to the rule of law", wrote Dr. Eugene Gu, attracting over 12 thousand retweets.

The "OK" hand sign originated on 4Chan, a website known for inventing spoofs and jokes meant to undermine the credibility of establishment media.

"The attacks today on my wife are repulsive".

Seth Abramson, a professor and lawyer who wrote the book "Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America", tweeted that he did not understand why "Zina Bash didn't get thrown out of that room for flashing a signal with such grotesque dual valences".

"We weren't even familiar with the hateful symbol being attributed to her for the random way she rested her hand during a long hearing", he said on his official USA attorney twitter account.

Many people have now moved to defend Bash for the way she rested her hand, with her husband leading the charge by highlighting his wife's Jewish and Mexican heritage. "She was born in Mexico and is raising a handsome family in her adopted home". Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

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