'Cosby Show' Alum Geoffrey Owens Speaks out After Being Job-Shamed

Owens proudly wore his Trader Joe's name tag to appear on Good Morning America on Tuesday

Owens proudly wore his Trader Joe's name tag to appear on Good Morning America on Tuesday

Geoffrey Owens is proud to be working at Trader Joe's despite some news reports shaming him for working at a grocery store.

But then something wonderful happened.

But, because of the tremendous response of support he got from both Hollywood and the public, he says that embarrassment soon turned into pride. since he was just a guy who was trying to make a living and put food on the table for his family. Indeed, Owens is in fact still very much a working actor, making recent television appearances on series such as HBO's Divorce, Blue Bloods, Lucifer, Elementary, and so on.

"The Cosby Show" actor spoke out on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, telling Robin Roberts that he couldn't feel hurt by the news for long because of the outpouring of support he received.

Geoffrey Owens fka The Cosby Show's Eldin was "really devastated" when some rando, followed by certain media outlets, sought to shame him for now working at Trader Joe's in Clifton, N.J. But in the wake of a wave of support from the acting community, he maintains, "No one should feel sorry for me".

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The image became the basis for the Daily Mail's story under the job-shaming headline, "From learning lines to serving the long line!" "It hurt but then, it's just unbelievable".

Owens said he gets recognized daily, but people are surprisingly "cool" about it.

"I hope what doesn't pass is this rethinking of what it means to work". But in the end, he added, "I want to get a job because I'm the right person". I've had a career that most actors would really die for.

"There is no job that's better than another job", he continued. "I wouldn't mind getting auditions, I don't mind if people call me in to try out for things, due to what's happened, but I actually wouldn't feel comfortable (with) someone giving me a job because this happened". "I felt I had to be careful". But he stressed that "every job is worthwhile and valuable". Owens notes there has been "some interest" aroused by his odd, new form of celebrity, but "I wouldn't feel comfortable getting actor jobs from [it]". "It might pay better, it might have better benefits, it might look better on a résumé and on paper".

"No one should feel sorry for me either from a positive or negative perspective because I've had a great life and a great career", he said.

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