Cubs’ Addison Russell accused of physical, verbal abuse by ex-wife

Associated Press

Associated Press

Last year, Addison Russell and his then-wife Melisa split in a relatively public way, with Melisa discussing infidelity on Instagram.

Abuse allegations first surfaced in June 2017, when a person who had been identified as a close friend of Reidy-Russell accused Russell, via social media, of "mentally and physically abusing her". The post aligns with Reidy's previous allegations against Russell. I couldn't wrap my head around what just happened ... Why did he get so angry? What did I do for him to want to put his hands on me?. "After he would calm down from his angry spells, I'd always get the most honest apologies, making me believe how sorry he was & he's working on bettering himself".

Major League Baseball announced Russell's leave Friday in accordance with the MLB-MLB Players Association domestic violence policy.

Neither Reidy-Russell nor her attorney, Russell, the Cubs or Major League Baseball could be reached for comment.

Russell denied the allegation and the two were soon divorced.

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And some still wonder why women, who have been physically, emotionally or verbally abused won't come forward because the moment they do the reaction isn't to listen, to empathize, it's to belittle the person, name call, and shame that person. Still, she tried to "stick it out" in hopes things would take a positive turn.

"Emotional/verbal abuse started way before I even realized, eventually it started to be an everyday thing", the author wrote.

In a detailed post published Wednesday, Reidy-Russell detailed how her relationship with her unnamed former spouse stripped away her "self-worth & self-respect" and left her depressed.

She added, "As time went on abusive behavior happened more often". "Friends would express their concerns with me but I would assure them that I was okay, he lost his temper & wasn't himself". The couple was officially divorced August 30 the same year. I encourage everyone to read it, and to have some empathy for how hard it must have been for her to do this now, and how unfair it would be to have demanded that she was in a place to do it a year ago when the relationship dissolved. Following a breakout campaign in 2016 in which he hit 21 homers and had 95 RBIs, he compiled a.722 OPS in 2017 and is down to.657 in 130 games this season.

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