Emmys 2018: It's time for you to know Hannah Gadsby's name

Emmys 2018: It's time for you to know Hannah Gadsby's name

Emmys 2018: It's time for you to know Hannah Gadsby's name

Especially not men! Am I right, fellas? In the stand-up special, Gadsby describes her complicated affair with comedy as an "abusive relationship" and uses personal stories and traumatic experiences to get a chuckle (and some serious self-reflection) from the audience. "That's why I'm presenting alone", she added.

The laughs kept coming when Gadsby then announced that the victor was The Crown director Stephen Daldry, who wasn't there to accept his award. It was a fantastic subtweeting of all the men, some of them in the room, who have felt compelled to tell her she doesn't know what jokes are without taking the time to watch any of hers. "I mean, for somebody like me-a nobody, from nowhere-gets this sweet gig, free suit, new boots, just cause I don't like men?" she said, entering the stage.

Since the release of her Netflix special, Gadsby said she has been on the receiving end of criticism of men who don't think she is amusing. "I think we have a moral obligation to take privilege off people and spread it around".

"This is ... not normal?" she said.

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By now, you've probably heard a lot about Hannah Gadsby's incredible comedy special, Nanette, even if you haven't seen it.

"That Hannah Gadsby is on my TV, presenting at the Emmy's making the jokes she's making is like....wow".

Gadsby's appearance also won her new fans.

For Franklin Leonard, founder of the Black List, there are other award shows that could do with Gadsby's talent.

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