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An upcoming version of Firefox will block cross site tracking by default. This version of Firefox now includes a feature that blocks trackers that slow down page loads.

Open the "Content Blocking" section.

The second feature is created to stop ad trackers from following your internet presence from site to site. These features should all be enabled in Firefox within the next few months. The new settings are slated to be phased in gradually, starting with an initiative that focuses on blocking trackers that slow down page loads.

Blocking storage access and cookies from third-party tracking content. Cryptominers will be blocked automatically, along with fingerprinting practices that allow trackers to identify you by your device's properties.

"We've already made this available for our Firefox Nightly users to try out, and will be running a shield study to test the experience with some of our beta users in September".

For starters, the organization is taking aim at trackers that take longer to load. "Users have the same expectations of privacy on the web, and yet in reality, they are tracked wherever they go", Mozilla VP Nick Nguyen wrote in a blog post. Mozilla cites a study by the ad-blocker Ghostery, which found that 55% of the time required to load a website is spent loading third-party trackers. "Future versions of Firefox will block these practices by default". Mozilla did not reveal a target version for the implementation only that it will land in a future version of the web browser. In June, Apple also announced that the company's Safari browser would block plugins from third-party websites such as Facebook from tracking your activities across the internet.

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Firefox will block some forms of tracking in the near future and that is definitely a good thing.

Still, with Google not being able to implement full-scale ad-blocking in Chrome, it is an area that Firefox could really outshine Google Chrome if implemented correctly.

Click the checkbox next to "Slow-Loading Trackers" to improve page load performance.

Now You: What would you like to see in Firefox in this regard?

In addition to this - which is a change from the current Do Not Track option - Firefox will include a new set of options which Mozilla says will give users greater control over the information they share with websites.

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