Google makes it possible to bring all Android apps to Daydream VR

Google makes it possible to bring all Android apps to Daydream VR

Google makes it possible to bring all Android apps to Daydream VR

Unfortunately, they're just for developers right now - specifically, developers with Lenovo's Mirage Solo, a much more expensive standalone Daydream device - but why would devs pay the features much attention if there was no chance they'd be coming to the masses?

A full write-up and a handful of gifs on these and a few other experimental features Google now has in the works can be found on the Google Developer Blog.

And Google says the new see-through mode is fast enough and provides enough depth perception you can even play ping-pong! Along with the basic convenience this should bring, See-Through Mode also allows for powerful AR experiences - such as adding virtual furniture in your living room to see how it'll look.

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The next feature is very exciting. That means you can play your favorite games on a virtual big screen. Developers can add VR support to apps without having to start from scratch. This should be a really awesome feature for Daydream users. With the help of 6DoF tracking, you'll be able to move more naturally in VR, nearly like in the real world, something that was only possible with expensive PC-based VR featuring external tracking.

According to Google's blog post, "Instead of using expensive external cameras and sensors that have to be carefully calibrated, our system uses machine learning and off-the-shelf parts to accurately estimate the 3D position and orientation of the controllers". They created some experimental 6DoF controllers for the Mirage Solo and they will be given to a few developers to start testing. Some developers are already working with the controllers and those who would like to can apply here. The see-through mode enables users to see what's in front of them in the physical world while wearing a VR headset. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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