Hillary Clinton makes cameo for 'Murphy Brown' reboot

The show that became a flashpoint in the US culture wars in 1992 returned to the air for the first time in 20 years with star Candice Bergen again playing the pioneering journalist.

To say people were stoked about the Murphy Brown revival would be putting it lightly, but we're not sure if even the craziest of fans were prepared for what actually went down in the premiere.

Hillary Clinton was the first big name cameo of "Murphy Brown's" revival season. She also managed to work in some references to her campaign mottos and her experience with emails.

Murphy asks the job seeker several questions, including one about her experience with technology. And before leaving, Clinton gave Brown her business card, which had her email address.

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Her latest cameo? Swinging by as the secret guest star of the Murphy Brown reboot. Quayle said the show was glamorizing single motherhood and "mocking the importance of fathers".

As part of the surprise appearance, Clinton played a woman - named Hilary, with one "L" - who was interviewing for a secretary position at Murphy Brown's new cable news show. "I was the secretary of a very large organization".

"I find in my elderly years that I am more like Murphy than ever, that I am crankier, I am sort of more outspoken", Bergen said.

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