Huge 1,000ft spider web mysteriously appears overnight in Greece

Spider webs have cloaked the riverside area in the western Greek town. Pic Giannis Giannakopoulos

Spider webs have cloaked the riverside area in the western Greek town. Pic Giannis Giannakopoulos

The video, posted on YouTube by Giannis Giannakopoulos, shows a beach in the town of Aitoliko covered in webs almost 300m long.

"It's natural for this area to have insects, no one is especially anxious", he told CNN.

It's not quite the World Wide Web - but the spiders of Aitoliko in Greece have made a good start.

The spider web's industrious creators, known as "stretch spiders" for their long and slender bodies, are of the genus Tetragnatha. Such large nests appearing rapidly are rare, though not unheard of. "They mate, they reproduce and provide a whole new generation", Chatzaki told the Greek news site, according to a translation from the BBC. They are not a threat because they are not poisonous and are, in fact, helpful for local communities because they eat mosquitos.

Biologist Fotis Pergantis, president of the region's Messolonghi National Lagoon Park, says the warm weather has led to an increase in the presence of gnats, on which the spiders feed.

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Chatzaki noted that it was a seasonal phenomenon that occurred mainly at the end of the summer and early autumn and arose from a "population explosion".

With the growth of the gnat population, the spiders also thrive and multiply.

Chatzaki explained that the spiders were not unsafe for humans and would "have their party and soon die off".

Though it is huge, local reports indicate the web appeared essentially overnight, with locals awaking to a horrifying surprise.

However, Daily Hellas revealed that the rather eerie scene is a yearly sight for the residents of Aitoliko.

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