Instagram testing a separate section to add hashtags to posts



If you've ever seen an Instagram post of a #fitness #model #walking #along a #beach #with a #dog, you'll know that some people can pack an obscene amount of hashtags into their captions, making it look quite messy.

Those of you who drown your Instagram captions in hashtags to rack up all those sweet, sweet likes for your photos (#and #you #know #who #you #are), Instagram appears to be testing a new feature just for you. Among them, she found a new dedicated section for hashtags.

The separation of hashtags from captions could be the panacea to the annoying glut of hashtags (like #picoftheday and #instagood), often cluttered at the bottom of a post. An Instagram spokesperson confirmed it was testing this feature, but it would only work with public highlights or your own highlights. Now again, this is all hearsay and Instagram could well scap this feature.

Thankfully, it looks like Instagram is working on a better way to present them. This would be a big benefit to any marketers with organic content aimed at different geographic areas, giving them the ability to localize posts by the country of their choosing.

Essentially, this new feature means that Instagram users will be able to individually select countries that are able to see their content. You could then translate the post to english, publish it, and have it visible in only english-speaking geographies. One of which is the newly announced ability to use GIFs in your DMs, a feature that's available starting today in the iOS and Android versions of the app.

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Before you all make an early judgment that Instagram already has a poll and ask me a question feature we'll advise that you wait. What's more, users can also add their own comments on top of these stickers.

Both these features, according to Wong, are still in the testing phase. That's right, the feature when it rolls out, would allow people to tag others within their videos.

Well, it doesn't seem like Instagram is in any mood to let it's dominance flag. And let no one say that all Instagram does is copy features off Snapchat.

Instagram goes through a lot of changes in Facebook's testing labs.

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