Israeli Weapons Used in Genocide against Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar Army

Myanmar Army

Islam urged for a probe into the horrific crimes committed by Myanmar's military top brass.

The generals "should face the International Criminal Court (ICC) and make it clear if they did not do anything wrong", said doctor Zune Ei.

Islam's remarks came following a new United Nations report released earlier this week that documented mass gang rapes, killings, including of infants and young children, brutal beatings and disappearances committed by Myanmar state forces.

The recommendations include trials of the military leadership of Myanmar for genocide, crimes against humanity and other human rights violations, referral of the Rohingya situation to the global criminal court and tougher measures that can be well-executed by the UNSC.

Myanmar's U.N. Ambassador U Hau Do Suan on Tuesday reiterated his government refused to cooperate with the fact-finding mission and questioned the report's "objectivity, impartiality and sincerity". "We are not yet in a position where China and Russian Federation - two veto-wielding members of the UNSC - are ready to agree on a binding resolution that will ensure tougher measures against Myanmar", said a senior diplomat. Nearly 200,000 of them fled to neighboring Bangladesh that time and settled in Cox's Bazar.

However, Islam said the OIC did not come up with any proactive policies on the Rohingya. In fact, even while the Indian prime minister was in Myanmar, the Myanmar military was actively carrying out the Rohingya genocide, no doubt, encouraged by India's action and with their knowledge as well. "Despite the urgent humanitarian crisis and ongoing discussions, the worldwide community has thus far failed to achieve a workable, lasting solution".

In addition, Bangladesh's government has not made an official decision on aid for the Rohingya, Md.

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"We have failed the Rohingya before", Blanchett said. "This is the most serious allegation the United Nations can levy against a country" S&D vice president Victor Bostinaru added.

"This is an important role needed to be played by Muslim leaders like Erdogan and Turkey".

In the height of optimism, the mandarins of the Bangladesh foreign ministry welcomed the "deal" as good enough to pave the way for the hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas who were still streaming to Bangladesh while this so-called deal was being signed by them with their Myanmar counterparts.

Throughout the crisis, the Myanmar authorities have maintained that the operations are targeted at armed insurgents and that reports of atrocities against civilians are inventions or exaggerations by the Rohingya, whom they refer to as "Bengalis" and view as unwanted immigrants.

At a UN Security Council session a day later, several countries - including the United States, Britain, France and Sweden - called for Myanmar's military leaders to be held accountable. The State Department report is expected to be released shortly. The investigators have called for General Min Aung Hlaing, the commander-in-chief of Myanmar's army, and five other generals, to be tried for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Over 115,000 Rohingya houses were also burned down and 113,000 others vandalized, it added.

The 117-page "Myanmar Politics and the Tatmadaw: Part I" relates the army's narrative of August previous year when some 700,000 Rohingya fled Rakhine to Bangladesh, according to United Nations agencies, reporting mass killings, rape, and arson. People now know "they need to be careful if they don't want their accounts to be deleted or deactivated", she says.

The UN has documented mass gang rapes, killings - including of infants and young children - brutal beatings, and disappearances committed by Myanmar state forces.

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