Kavanaugh drama: New accusations and a support letter from classmates

Things to watch for when Kavanaugh and Ford testify

Things to watch for when Kavanaugh and Ford testify

"It's possible that I'll hear that and I'll say I'm changing my mind", Trump said.

However, he said he would listen attentively to the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh's first accuser and the only one willing to appear before the Senate, at the Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for Thursday morning.

Trump said he "could be persuaded" by Ford's testimony.

'It is clear from reporting that there were others present or with knowledge of these shocking allegations who also should be interviewed, ' the Judicary Dems said in their statement. "It was hard for me to breathe and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me". Thus, they will avoid having their all-male contingent interrogating Ford about the details of what she describes as a harrowing assault.

Embattled SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing two new sexual assault accusations, including raping a woman on a boat in 1985 and aggressively shoving a woman against the wall of a bar in a sexual way in 1998.

A classmate of Kavauaugh from Yale University, Deborah Ramirez of Boulder, alleges that the future Judge exposed himself to her. Dianne Feinstein outlining her sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh.

At the same time, Trump described Kavanaugh as a "great gentleman" and said he believed the accusations against the conservative were "false". Republicans have criticised the way the claims emerged shortly before his confirmation hearing, claiming they are part of a Democrat plot to derail his nomination. "It's a very risky period in our county and it's being perpetrated by some very evil people, some of them are Democrats".

Mr Trump's election pledge to nominate only conservatives to the court was seen as key to firing up his voter base, and rejection of Mr Kavanaugh would be a huge blow to the president.

Democrats pressed the judge to call for an FBI investigation into the claims, but he would say only, "I welcome whatever the committee wants to do".

In reversal, Trump directs supplemental FBI investigation, reiterates support for Kavanaugh
Joe Donnelly (Ind.), another Democrat up for reelection in November in a red state, said he would vote "no" on Kavanaugh'. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Friday along party lines to advance Kavanaugh's nomination to the Senate floor.

"Upon receiving the anonymous letter we immediately notified the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is handling the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh".

The latest accusations came Wednesday from Julie Swetnick, who alleged in a sworn statement that Kavanaugh would drink to excess and "engage in abusive behavior" toward teenage girls when he was in high school at Georgetown Preparatory School in North Bethesda, Maryland.

"It's ridiculous. Total Twilight Zone".

She will say that during a house party in high school, she was pushed into a bedroom and onto a bed and that Kavanaugh got on top of her.

However, he added: "I know this particular man, Judge Kavanaugh". "This is one of the highest quality people i've ever met", he said of Kavanaugh.

The televised hearing promises to be a must-see event that has implications for the November 6 congressional election, when Democrats have a chance to take control of the House and perhaps even the Senate. "Ms. Mitchell has been recognized in the legal community for her experience and objectivity", Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley said in a statement announcing the hire.

She said the fact that he covered her mouth "terrified" her the most and has had "the most lasting impact".

"Both Brett and Mark were drunkenly laughing during the attack".

In his prepared testimony for Thursday, Kavanaugh is acknowledging more personal failings.

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