Kindergarten principal sacked for pole dance show

Parents were shocked to see the pole dancing routine performed in front of kindergarten students in China

Parents were shocked to see the pole dancing routine performed in front of kindergarten students in China

Videos of the performance at the Xinshahui Kindergarten have been widely shared on social media, and appear to show a woman in hot trousers shimmying around a flag pole as young children in school uniforms watch.

Within hours of the clips going viral, Bao'an district educational officials confirmed that Lai had been removed from her post as principal, inviting any schools mulling a similar stunt to "reflect on this incident and strictly uphold education standards".

"So before our kids got out of kindergarten for the summer, there was 10 days of military "activities" and displays of machine guns and mortars at the door; now the principal has welcomed them back with a strip pole dance on the flagpole bearing the PRC flag", he tweeted. Standaert witnessed the performance while taking his children to the school.

When Standaert's wife called the principal to complain, the principal insisted that pole dancing was "international and good exercise" before hanging up, Standaert says.

While children aged 3-6 and their parents watched with their mouths agape from below the stage, the woman danced around the pole, according to Newsweek.

"Other schools in the district should reflect on this incident and strictly uphold education standards", the Bao'an education bureau said in a statement, according to CBS News.

Lai sent an apology letter to the daily on Monday, admitting that the school had failed to carefully examine the dance content before allowing it to be performed, and the school was simply trying to liven up the atmosphere.

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While pole dancing has become more and more popular in China in recent years - for the young, old, and the recently deceased - it appears that the country is not ready for the performance art to become part of kindergarteners' curriculum. "Nursery children should learn knowledge, but not too much knowledge!" said another.

Well, I'm speechless. Pole-dancing could be an Olympic sport in the future.

It was also confirmed the pole the performers were using was supplied by the dance company, and not a flag pole.

Watching on were children as young as three. "I'm not teaching them any sexual moves".

"I don't doubt for one minute that the girls keep fit".

"I think we are in a culture that sexualizes children. and whatever way you look at it, it's inextricably linked to sexualization".

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