Lawyer was told Russian Federation had 'Trump over a barrel,' sources say

Pres. Trump Accuses Bruce, Nellie Ohr Of Colluding With Russia

Pres. Trump Accuses Bruce, Nellie Ohr Of Colluding With Russia

Besides Weissmann, according to Herridge's two sources, Ohr also collaborated with former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok, former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page, former deputy director Andrew McCabe, at least one other DOJ official, and a current Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who worked with Strzok on the Russian Federation case. But memos authored by Republicans and Democrats and declassified this year show the probe was triggered by information the US government received earlier about the Russian contacts of then-Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos.

The Democratic lawmakers said Republicans appeared to have violated House rules because they failed to share the communications between Ohr and Steele in 2016 and 2017 with the minority party.

Ohr still remains at the Justice Department despite this. While it has yet to be proven that Trump's campaign directly conspired with the Russians, Donald Trump Jr. infamously held a meeting with Russian officials in June 2016 to discuss the possibility of obtaining damaging information on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters accuse Ohr of cooperating with Steele on the dossier that outlined Russian financial ties and salacious personal details.

The FBI's investigation was already under way by the time it received Steele's dossier.

Among the things Ohr said he learned from Steele during the breakfast was that an unnamed former Russian intelligence official had communicated that Russian intelligence believed "they had Trump over a barrel", according to people familiar with the meeting. Ohr's lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment on Friday. He himself has said that many of his longtime sources went to ground soon after he got started when the whole Trump/Russia/Emails story broke into the open.

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We get caught up in the President's over-the-top attacks on all these players: Steele, Ohr, Strzok, Page, et al.

Little is known publicly about the extent of the relationship between Bruce Ohr and Steele, but some House Republicans who are vocal critics of the Russian Federation investigation have seized on it as proof of an untoward connection between government officials and the roots of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. What specifically did this former agent claim Russian Federation had on Trump?

A spokesman for Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte did not respond to requests for comment. "Disgraceful! Witch Hunt!" Trump posted on Wednesday. "With Bruce Ohr, do you see him as potentially being in this pattern?"

At the same time, Ohr's wife Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion GPS, the research company hired by the Clinton campaign to conduct opposition research.

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