Leslie Jones calls out Kevin Hart for fake female support

Tiffany Haddish Kevin Hart Night School

Tiffany Haddish Kevin Hart Night School

Well, Leslie Jones thinks that he fails to support female comedians. He also alluded that comedians like Jones, Luenell and Melanie Comarcho have found success due to their appearances on Williams' various comedy specials. As he was defending Haddish, Hart made mention of several female comedians, including Jones, noting that Williams failed to help further their career. At least Katt put women on his tour or shows.

He added: "Katt Williams, have you ever used your platform to f***ing bring the people that were under you up?"

Hart has been using the media rounds he's making in promotion of his Night School flick to address Katt about his criticism of Tiffany Haddish, who Hart famously assisted on her rise to prominence in the industry. And there is more!

Comedienne and Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones is not about the drama.

She then shared that Katt displayed a [expletive] attitude to the women, though she relents that, at least, he has had women open for his on his tours. She also said that if anyone should take credit for her success, it would be Chris Rock and writer-comedian Neal Brennan (Chappelle's Show, All That, Inside Amy Schumer).

She concluded by telling both Kevin and Katt to stick to doing what they do best...telling jokes.

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"Women have never had it good", she added.

"[Tiffany has] been doing comedy since she was 16". Because she ain't done a tour yet.

#KattWilliams is known for speaking his mind #Roommates! "I have nothing with the Katt Williams beef, I'm happy", the Girl's Trip alum remarked.

Hart and Haddish stopped by Complex's "Hot Ones" segment recently to promote the film, and they participated in a new game called "Truth or Dab".

Tiffany responded to this beautifully, of course, tweeting, "It's official I made it!@KattPackAllDay talked about me and didn't have his facts right!" Everyone needs to shut the f**k up before I tell you what's really real and they all know I know.

"In this world that we're living in today I think it's very important to show that we're one, there's a high level of unity, especially when you're looking at division, the attempt to divide". Does Leslie have a point?

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