LG Display Becomes Second OLED Supplier For New iPhones

LG finally becomes Apple's secondary iPhone OLED supplier thwarting Samsung's monopoly

LG finally becomes Apple's secondary iPhone OLED supplier thwarting Samsung's monopoly

South Korea's LG Display has been chosen as a second supplier for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens for Apple's iPhones, the Electronic Times reported on Friday. Apple had always been planning to bring the Korean manufacturer onboard as the second supplier of OLED panels to reduce its reliance on its sole OLED display panel provider and biggest competitor in the smartphone industry, Samsung. This would translate into a huge win for LG's display business which has been struggling to churn out quality OLED panels on a scale to attract other Android OEMs.

With displays typically comprising the most expensive part of a smartphone, Apple's new OLED partnership with LG should help the company keep costs down.

This is modest compared to the Cupertino giant's initial deal with Samsung, under which 100 million OLED displays were to be supplied for last year's iPhone X. However, Samsung reportedly had to cut its OLED production when iPhone X sales didn't live up to expectations and the Korean giant was left looking for additional clients to do something with its excess supply.

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With word that LG is now a partner with Apple, it stands to reason that the company's OLED panels have improved such that they can now pass Apple's rigorous technical requirements. The fact that flexible OLED panels have passed Apple's tests doesn't necessarily mean a flexible/foldable iPhone will happen soon thought.

In fact, Samsung was left exclusively in charge of iPhone X display production a year ago, leading to a pretty large gap between the handset's official announcement and commercial release. LG Display will start mass producing the OLED panels at its two manufacturing lines in its E6 plant.

Incidentally, a speculative report that surfaced this past July claimed that LG will initially supply Apple with upwards of 5 million OLED panels.

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