Mel Gibson to direct and co-write The Wild Bunch remake

Mel Gibson To Co-Write & Direct ‘Wild Bunch’ Remake At Warner Bros.

Mel Gibson To Co-Write & Direct ‘Wild Bunch’ Remake At Warner Bros.

It's not clear whether America has forgiven Mel Gibson or not, but Hollywood apparently has. Deadline reports that the filmmaker has been set by Warner co-write, executive produce, and direct a remake of The Wild Bunch, a 1969 Western directed by Sam Peckinpah.

Warner Bros. has been working on a remake for nearly eight years, with the first attempt happening in 2011 with Brian Helgeland (Legend) and from director Tony Scott (The Taking of Pelham 123), only for it to be put on hold following the director's suicide in 2012.

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In The Wild Bunch, an aging group of outlaws look for one last big score as the traditional American West is disappearing around them and the industrial age is taking over. In addition to being notable for graphic violence, Sam Peckinpah's original was also known for intricate, multi-angle, quick-cut editing using normal and slow motion images, which were revolutionary cinematic techniques at the time of its release. He's also trying to get his World War II film "Destroyer" into production.

Gibson most recently helmed the WWII biopic Hacksaw Ridge, which earned him a Best Director Oscar nomination in 2017 despite controversy surrounding his comeback. As for when Gibson will shoot "The Wild Bunch" remains a mystery. That film, with Mark Wahlberg attached to star, is now looking for financing. Peckinpah defended his choices, saying the violence was meant to be allegorical to the then-ongoing Vietnam War. Robert Downey Jr. advocated forgiveness for Gibson back in 2014, which was met with mixed reactions.

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