Microsoft intercepting Firefox and Chrome installation on Windows 10

Microsoft really doesn't want you to abandon Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft really doesn't want you to abandon Edge on Windows 10

As reported by The Verge, Microsoft has inserted these pop-ups in the latest Windows 10 test builds that are now available to Windows Insiders. However, now Microsoft has been spotted testing a warning that suggests users utilise Microsoft Edge instead, instead of installing Chrome or Firefox.

When you try to install the Firefox pr Chrome web browser on a recent Windows 10 version 1809 Insider build, you may notice that the installation gets interrupted by the operating system.

While the banner in Bing promoting Edge is fair game, and - to a degree - the Edge ads that Microsoft occasionally serves up when you're using another browser are also acceptable, Windows 10 actually stopping users from installing a safe program - that they have chosen to install - in order to promote a different, inferior, product simply isn't on.

An image of the offending pop-up was shared in a tweet by user Sean Hoffman. The message that appears claims Edge is "the faster, safer browser designed for Windows" and offers two buttons: a bright blue one that launches Edge and a grey one that says "Install anyway". A user who initiates the installation of a browser does so on goal.

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I tried to install Chrome Stable and Firefox Stable, and both installations were intercepted by the prompt.

Let's assume you ignore these reminders and download Firefox or Chrome.

The fact that his app recommendation feature is default might be irritating for some users, as they've long already decided they don't want anything to do with the Windows 10 default browser. However, the move didn't end well for Microsoft and only time will tell if this will sway users in favour of Microsoft or not.

"Customers remain in control and can choose the browser of their choice". If that's true, we don't imagine this process will make it into the next Windows 10 update.

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